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We are going to start selling GMFS T-shirts again. This time we are taking pre-orders since a lot of member said they would buy shirts but never did.

I will place the first order on June 1st so please have your order and money sent before then to get in on the first order. It will take about 2-3 weeks before you get the shirts.


The design will either be white or black, depending on the shirt color.
Colors available will be light or dark. Darks will cost $1 more.

White (Light)
Black (Dark)
Dark Red (Dark)
Navy Blue (Dark)
Dark Green (Dark)
Gray (Light)

If you are getting a dark please add $1 dollar to the price.


We can get any size you want, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL or 4XL.
For 2XL add $2, for 3XL add $3 and for 4XL add $4


Base price will be $13 plus shipping.
Shipping will cost $5 for USPS Priority.
For our friends in Canada, shipping will cost $7.
Add $1 for shipping per extra shirt you order.

Here are some examples on costs...

A large white shirt will cost $13 plus $5 shipping = $18.

A medium black shirt ($14) and XL dark green shirt ($14) will cost $28 plus $6 for shipping = $34.

A 3XL Dark Red shirt will cost $17 plus $5 shipping = $22.


All the money made off the shirts goes into GMFS' back account to help keep it running and help pay for a re-design of the site.

Please sent payment to [email protected] and include your order (size, color, number of shirts). If you do not want to paypal or do not have paypal, PM me and I will send you an address to send payment to. When our site is re-designed we will have a shopping cart to do this.

Also check out our new Supporting Members with Benefits, HERE. If you donate over $50 you will receive a free T-shirt. You can do this and get in on the pre-order.

Questions and Comments can be discussed HERE.


Here are what the shirts will look like. (*NOTE* There will not be black boxes like pictured).
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