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Hey guys! I’ve decided to go with the vortec heads on the rebuild of my 95 350 TBI motor, Only cuz i got a smoking deal! But unfortunately had to pay the price when i bought the GMPP tbi vortec intake manifold. But anyways, i have to decide what i am going to do with the EGR Valve! Any suggestions. Plug it off?? or Keep it and somehow Fab a tube for my headers, or get the adapter kit from edelbrock (good bad ????) Im putting a mild cam in it 447/447 lift, the heads are completely machined and rebuilt with 1.94/1.6. Am i going to gain anything with the EGR? or will i loose fuel economy by plugging it. Emissions isn’t a problem in my area so i don’t have to worry about that. Any Suggestions would be Great!!! My plans are to get a nelson tune when he is done making them for my model truck, i guess the option is to take out the egr part of the program? im not really sure what the egr is actually doing beside being a pain the in a$$!

Thanks in advance!
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