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God help me. My 1st RIM'S thread.

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Okay,I'm looking for some rim's for my 1992 GMC Yukon 2dr AWD turbo project.
I looked for 6mos for the same type of wheel for my 4dr project and ended up with some I really liked but the wrong size.
Looking for
Machined Lip(prefer)
Perimeter bolt's(prefer)chrome
OBS 6 lug 4x4 pattern(plz list any NBS rim's u know of also,I can alter)
Preferably something that is available in 7/8/9in and 10-12in wide.
Not sure of backspacing yet,just looking for style's right now that are what I want.
I'm looking for something exactly like what I have on my 4dr,yet 18".
Anybody have any pic's or brand's whatever to look at?
I've been looking for a month now,plus the 6mos I looked 2yrs ago for my 4dr.
Appreciate any help,I know some of you guy's really get into rim's so hopefully you know what i'm looking for.
Here's my 4dr yukon.(not the truck I'm buying for)
These rim's are only available in 20/22/24" but they are available in 6lug:flame:
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Boze has what you want. They have one called Shifter, under the ZE forged line. Custom built on size and finish.
I kinda like their "hi-octane" better.
Def thank's for the brand name though.
If I can get some help with just finding lightweight's that come in 18" and black that's cool.
It's hard to find exactly..
Yeah, I wasn't sure if the Hi Octane came in six lug, which is why I specified the Shifter (they can always powdercoat or paint the spokes for ya). I like the Hi Octane better myself, as it is the same as the Stinger, which I have, with the addition of the rivets.
If you get the Hi-Octanes in a 6 lug they lose the tear drop on each spoke. Everything else is the same though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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