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92 Chevy Blazer 4.3 auto 2wheel drive. As you can see the truck is wrecked and dirty. It will need a little work, but would make a great daily driver if you wanted to fix it. I’m sure for around $150-$200 in parts you could have this thing on the road. I am just wanting it out of my driveway. It was my sisters and she wrecked it about 2 years ago. It has been setting behind her house since. She is moving and needed to get it moved, so I got stuck with it. I am either wanting to sell it whole or just part it out. It has the digital dash and bucket front seats. The interior looks really dirty in the pictures, but it is not that bad. Seats and carpet are in great shape. Dash and stuff is not cracked and all there. The only thing missing is the arm rest for the console. The truck was broken into and the driver’s side lock is popped out and hanging there. Also the column is broke, but it is on the turn signal side, not sure what happened there, but it’s just the plastic cover. I don’t remember how many miles are on it, but I do know that it ran fine when it was parked. There is currently no battery in it, but if anyone would want to look at it or hear it run, I can take the one out of my truck and stick in there for a min. If your looking for parts, let me know what you need/want and I’ll get a picture and price for you. If you want the whole thing, I can deliver it up to 75 miles for $1.50 per loaded mile from Dayton, OH 45432. You can post here or email me with any questions you might have.

I am asking $300 for the whole truck. Clean title, notarized, signed and ready to go.

[email protected]

Here is the wrecked part. The frame doesn’t appear to be bent. But this has never been confirmed by a shop or anything.





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