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Good Longtubes?

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Im thinking about gettin some longtubes for my truck sometime in the near future...what would be the best company to get them from and where would be the best place to buy them...its for the blazer BTW, if that makes any difference. '91 TBI 350. Im not lookin for the most expensive, nor the cheapest, but i dont wanna pay an arm and a leg for some.
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Yeah, Hooker makes good quality headers for older trucks. I have them on my F150 and they fit great and very good quality. :shake:

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91_bowtie said:
Hooker Competition Series HOK 2462-1
Summit Racing $320.95

My Hooker's like it loud. :D
Im really thinking about getting the Hooker 2453 headers...they are $150 for the set, they don't have the ceramic coating tho. Made for 73-91 blazers. I figure the 2462s would work for my truck too, but ill just go with what i know is made for it.
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