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Goodyear Wrangler AT/S

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What do you all think of these tires I have been reading reviews about them some good reviews and some bad what are your opinons?
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friend of mine has them but if you are looking for an 'aggressive AT' i would suggest something else.
I think the AT/S's were replaced with the Silent Armors, we stopped carrying them at least, can't even order them, my buddy just bought a set of the AT/S' though in a 285, we had to assemble the set from a couple different stores, he's pretty happy with them on his Dmax RCLB 3500, they have a pleasant hum on the road, they started getting louder so he bumped the pressure to 60 lbs and they quieted down
They came stock on my 07 sierra. They ride smooth but hey stock tires usually do. Ive got 1200 miles on em took em on the beach and they scared me, thought i was gonna get stuck...havent tried mud.
alright thanks I think i found a wheel and tire combo that will work witht he bfgoodwrench at's i would prefer them thanks for the info
my dad's tahoe came with GY AT/S's and at 70k miles he replaced them. They still had tread left but were dry rotting and leaking air. Good tires, nothing special offroad, but not to bad either our hunting land is back in the woods and they never failed to get us there and back, also had them in the sand and rocks and they did well. Street manners were good only complaint was they got louder as they wore.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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