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Gooseneck towing w/Lift?

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I plan on asking over at Diesel Place, but eh, one of you guys might have some input.

I got the new 2500HD. And, still have the lift urge. The reason we went HD was to tow a horse trailer via gooseneck. All of the ones I've looked at pretty much line up with the bed as it sits - i.e. not much room to play.

I only want 35s on this bitch, with room to play (33s rubbin' right now). 4" Cognito? Sounds good. Any input on going Cali with it (hey, I live here, it's OK!), and just putting on the front of the lift, and leaving the rear as is?

I haven't measured yet, but stock rake is usually about 2", anyway, right? From 2" Texas rake to 2" Cali lean should let me fit 35s and still tow the girl's ponies, right?

OK, just rambling now - I need sleep....

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pm wooter on dieselplace. hes my roomate and just put a 4 in tuff country on his and also tows a gooseneck. hes running a 4 inch with air bags in back with 35s. he just picked up his gooseneck yesterday and towed it no problem.

if your fine with the cali lean then you should have a problem. before you go spending all sorts of money, jack up the rear of your truck to the point of where it would be with the lift kit on and then take some measurements of your trailer just to be sure. but seems like most of the guys on dp dont have a problem with a 4 inch.
Most have an ajustable neck, and if you are buying new they can build it differntly to sit level. I have 1.5 blocks in back of my truck with 35s and the trailer sits level with one more adjustment left in the neck. Check out lots of guys over there running lifts and towing GN's
not to hijack thready, but your old truck with h2s looks sweet
DO you have stock wheels on with your 33's now? Seams hard to believe that they would rub. :shrug:
not to hijack thready, but your old truck with h2s looks sweet
Thanks, I wish I had left them on but they are on the 2500 now. I might get anpther set, they can be had on ebay for under 200.
cali lean unloaded + gooseneck wieght will REALLY point your headlights the wrong way. IMHO, i'd lift the truck minimum nessacary to fit the 35s, and if you cant stand the Texas rake, atleast go level so your shit wont sag like 89 year old tits when you pull a trailer.
you should be able to do a 4" lift in the front and a 2" in the back, just mgiht have to flip the axles on the trailer over, or if your lucky u mgiht have an adjustable neck like ive got if not you can just take the neck off and move it up.
The trailer her friend has doesn't have leafs - the axles are solid mounted. I don't think hers is adjustable either. I have seen some adjustable ones that'd go up another 6" from where my bed sits though, so I'm pretty sure it's doable.

If I end up staying Cali, I'll get bags to keep it there when towing.

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