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Got a 12 sec slip :)

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Finally broke 12's...ran a 12.74 @ 106.5 with a 1.87 60' :) This is on 8 psi in the 408, with stock geared 4L80E, 3.73's and 285/75-16 tires. I was way excited!
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SWEET Chris, only took you 3 different motors with a few different setups for each to do it :crazy:
nice!!! you got that big pig movin!! now turn up the boost :read:
Thanks guys! More boost to come, gotta change the wastegate spring first.
Sounds like it's running strong.
congrats man!

You could be like me and melt the wastegate line if you wanna turn the boost up, LOL. it rises very fast with out that hooked up
I got one too!!:D And you only have 115 more cubes then me...:nutkick:
nice job!:rocking:

I should be joining you very shortly. :D
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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