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Got the following products: Bold & Bright tire dressing, Natural Look Interior & Leather cleaner, Bug Squash and some All-Purpose cleaner.

Shipping was awesome on the items, Chris shipped the order out via UPS within 24 hours of ordering them. After cleaning 4 vehicles this weekend, I've come to some conclusions..

As for the products, I'm really digging everything, especially the all purpose cleaner. It does such a wonderful job of cleaning anything. I find it most useful for engine compartment and inner fenders.

Natural look is really a great product also. It does a wonderful job on dash pieces, as well as leather seats. I am not really in need of a leather treatment, with is why I went with Natural Look, it's kind of like an "all-purpose" interior cleaner.

Bug Squash does exactly like it's supposed to as well. I probably even have it diluted too much, but it still cuts through bugs and road grime with no problem. Makes them almost rinse right off.

Bold & Bright does really good on the tires as well, and the application is easy, can't use a spray-on tire dressing because I have a lowered truck. It makes it super easy to get a nice finish while not leaving much to clean up off of the truck or my wheels.

Thanks again Chris, will be ordering some QD soon...

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Chris is awesome. I would nominate him for King of the World if the world only did detailing.
I ordered some stuff from him about a week or two ago. Shipped out quick, everything looks great. I haven't used it yet cause Chris didn't send the wash mitt I ordered...said he got cleaned out and would send ASAP.
His service is great, products are top notch.


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