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Got a lot of parts

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Just about all of the parts are off my 02 1500 Stepside Silverado. I am willing to ship the smaller items, but would prefer not on the larger and heavier items like the valance, grille, hood, etc. I tried to base prices off what I have seen this stuff for or what it is listed for, but most prices are also obo so if you see something you like make a reasonable offer. Need the cash and don't really need any other parts. I would be interested in an HD valance with the middle opening though :D Might also be interested in any plus size brake kits. I may have some other parts once I start looking around. I can get pics of most of the stuff if interested, but some of the larger items it may take me a few days to get some pics. Don't recall any damages to any of the parts as even the slightest scratch would annoy me. If there are any defects, they will be mentioned. Once I start pulling this stuff out I'll look over it all again and update anything if necessary.

  • Stock silverado grille with the inserts cut out as a billet insert was installed. The standard black plastic with the chrome center bar. $50
  • Stock silverado valance originally for a truck with no fogs or tow hooks. I installed factory fogs on my truck and cut out the openings for the fogs. not perfect, but far from horrible. With the lights installed you can't tell a if it was made that way or cut. EDIT: Has a cut below the passenger side fog light $50

  • Stock tahoe z71 valance, bought it used a while back thinking I would put it on my truck, never did and don't plan too anymore. $75

  • Stock black textured bumper cap. $50

  • Stock indigo blue 1500 hood. Has one small ding above the drivers side headlight from when I was coiling an air hose and the metal end flipped around and got it. :mad: Also does not have the u shaped latch on the bottom as it was put on the hood currently on my truck. $150
  • Stock stepside tails with the black borders. Think they are from the newer stepsides as my stock lights didn't have this border. None the less the fit the same. $75

  • APC carbon fiber euro tails. Drivers side has a small chip out of the bottom thats not real noticable when installed. $75

  • Stock gauge cluster, no overlays, needle swaps, leds or anything, just plain stock. Don't know the exact mileage on it, want to say around 45000. $100

  • Stock shocks front and rear. Rear probably have about 15000 miles less than the front. Took the front off around 60000. $20
  • Stock sway bar and mounts. $50
  • Rubber floor mat for reg cab trucks. Got it at some accessory store. Covers the drivers and passenger sides as well as the hump in the middle. It is 1pc. Made to be trimmed to fit, but I never trimmed it and it fit fine in my truck. $10
  • Spare tire winch and mount $25
  • Black steel spare with tire. Used maybe 10 miles. $50
  • 94-98 Diamond clear corner lights. Order a full set of front lights for my dads truck (91) and they sent me these. Was easier to just pick up a set than dealing with returning them and exchanging them since they would have probably just sent the same thing. $20

  • I know probably not much interest on here, but a Hypertech Programmer for 2002 trucks and suvs. Includes the 4.3, 4.8, 5.3, 6.0, and 8.1 motors. Part # 30012. Box, manual, cables, etc included. Truck was returned back to stock long ago. $200

  • 02 Fuel injectors, correct me if I am wrong but they are 24lb injectors. About 55000-60000 miles on them. $100

  • Stock intake tube and housing with filter. $30
  • Stainless bedrails off my stepside. Should fit all 6.5 beds stepside or fleetside I would imagine. They bolted into the stake pockets and I can measure them to make sure they fit a fleetside. Great shape $100

  • Some fog lights that were on my 90 mustang gt when I got it. Only thing they say is Blazer 120. Can't really find this exact model. Housing measures 4 3/4, the actual light measures 4 1/4. The housing doesn't come apart best I can tell so don't know what kind of bulbs are in them. About a 6" pigtail on each light with the mounting bracket at the bottom which rotates. $20

  • GTech Pro RR. Tells 1/4 times, 1/8 times, 0-60, horsepower/tq, etc. Used 1 time and never touched it again. Has all software, cables, manuals, etc. $200
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would you be able to find out a price on shipping to 64856 for the z71 valance?
Like said above, I would prefer not to ship the larger items. If they don't sell locally then I may change my mind

Are you selling 99-02 fog lights or were just stating you had them in the valance before?
Just stating they were in the valance before

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Stainless bedrails off my stepside. Should fit all 6.5 beds stepside or fleetside I would imagine. They bolted into the stake pockets and I can measure them to make sure they fit a fleetside. Great shape $100
can you measaure i have a fleetside and am interested

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can you measaure i have a fleetside and am interested
I'll measure them out and get back to you

if you decide you wanna ship it lmk and ill buy it
Will do

Any idea if the spare tire whinch and mount is the same as on a NBS Suburban? If so, I may be interested.
Sorry, don't know. Don't think they would make a different one, probably the same they have been using for years. I'm going to try and get pics of most of this stuff over the weekend so hopefully that will help
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