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Got me some 22's

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Well I finally got my drop spindles on and went to go get a alignment done and these were hanging on the wall. Well I guess you know the rest of the story. They fill in the fenders nicely, next I'm going to get some hangers for the back to level it out.

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very nice man, they look really clean. you can't lose with 22's :worship:
that made your truck look so much better :worship:

looked sweet with 20's now with those 22's its just flat out awesome.. need some bigger stoppers behind them bad boys though :read: :crazy:
Those look great! Did you paint your brakes or is that an aftermarket brake caliper?
nice, what kind of rims are those?:rocking:
Looking good man!
Looking good Steve. How are you liking the Toyos?
nice rims, as always your rig is lookin awsome :worship:
Thanks guys! The tire size is a 305/40/22

E.M.D-- I just painted them with some high-temp paint, sometime soon I'll get some better brakes to handle this extra weight.

00Silverado-- They are made by Milanni and the wheel name is Witchy

VicRed-- I love them, I had them on by 20's too. Great tire
Great update! The 22's fit your truck great and look "just right" on there :head:
Sweet truck. Bad ass rims. Looks great. :waytogo:
That truck is awsome! If I had a Silverado I'd would definalty try to make it look like yours. Now don't touch anything! :worship:
Your truck is PERFECT. Those rims are awesome and whered you get that body kit? That thing fits Perfectly.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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