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Got my insert, bowtie, clears, and headlights installed!!!!

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Hey guys here are some new pics of the insert, headlights, bowtie, and euro clears on my truck. I love the look of them but the headlights just don't put out enough light to be safe so I have to mess with them. Tell me what you guys think.

Last but not least my fave pic
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· Later, Tony
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The projectors(obs) from what I've heard all dont work as well as the stock lamps. I think 1BadGMC can post on this topic, but I remember reading about how he hated his. If you want aftermarket headlights, get the halos, those are :rocking: Looks good :head:
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98BlueBowtie said:
I posted on the "other" site but it looks good bro just throw a set of clear park lenses on and the front end will be done :read:
I plan on figuring out how to make those lights safe, and then putting in some euros. I mean with the headlights on it is like the lights aren't even on. IT is rediculous.
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