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Got my truck Dyno'd - XR265HR

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I got my truck Dyno'd. It did what I expected and I am very happy with the results. Please keep in mind im rolling on 35" tires and im a 4x4. The tires caused the "low" numbers and the graph to be wavy the way it was (did not do to much smoothing). Everyone in the dyno bay was kind of scared to be in there while I was dyno'ing :evil: At the top of third gear the dyno read I was doing 160mph lol

If was on stock tires the numbers would have probably been over 300/300. Next I am doing some small mods hoping to reach over 280 hp and over 300 ft/lbs. Under drive pulley and ported TB :shake: any other suggestions?


XR265HR 212/218, .522/.529, 114LSA, Pacesetter LT's & ORY, Intake, Gibson catback. Custom tuned by me with the help the mods of hptuners message board, 12secSS, and my buddy.

notice the torque curve :head:

272hp, 295tq

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what are ur injectors running at in duty cycle?
what are ur injectors running at in duty cycle?
probably not as bad as yours since he has 24lbs injectors and the 99's have 19 lb injectors.
what are ur injectors running at in duty cycle?
95% from the logs off of hptuners.
throw some taller ties on and you speed will go up and really scare them
Going to 8.1s or ?
Probably nothing. I don't plan on making anymore than another 15hp maybe.
I've seen injectors just be sloppy at very high IDC is all...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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