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Got new tires

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Well I finally got my Terra Grapplers last week and so far I like them alot. They look great, handle well, and are surprisingly quiet. All that at a fraction of the cost of the BFG All Terrains. Here are a few pics of my truck with a torsion bar crank and the new rubber along with a buddys V Dub.

And this one to show how the tonight started. A few of these and some deer steaks made for a good night.

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those look great on the stock rims
surprisingly they do IMO
Sweet, I think your truck is 2x the length of your buddies car. :crazy:
hell yea looks good man
Sweet, I think your truck is 2x the length of your buddies car. :crazy:
Yeah, the Dub isn't very big, but it's fucking fast. Lay the hammer down in 1st and all you get is massive wheel spin. 2nd and 3rd pull amazingly hard and it gets north of 100mph in no time. 1.8 Turbo with a tune, exhaust and some BOV work. Thanks for the comments about mine, I'm really very happy with the trucks current look. I'm still undecided about the step bars, but they are convienent.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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