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Got some color on the bed!

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Well I felt like total crap yesterday and force my day through work. Felt the same when I woke up this morning so I called in. Took some medicine and I'm feelign alot better. Took a trip to Autozone and got some caliper paint, filler primer, sandpaper and such and then had my bro help me move the bed into the garage.

And I painted the bed. It's needed it, it's just been sitting outside waiting for attention. So today was the day.

Not much taping needed, I just covered the velcro strips that held the bedrug in place. I didnt paint the bedfloor b/c it will have the bedrug put back in once it's on the truck.

And a side note: I found out when I painted the hood that different color primers will absorb paint differently I guess. There is a noticeable different where the racing stripe was on the hood, so I made extra sure the bed was one solid color before I painted it.

And I think it turned out good. There are a couple spots up by where teh tonneau cover clamps in that probably could have used another pass, but you'll never see them with the tonneau on.

Hor Rod Flatz Blood Red

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good way to spend a sick day :imo !
looks nice man, did you cut the bed floor out because you are going to bag??
Well, eventually, but for now it's just clearance for the pumpkin. I made it symmetrical so it'd look decent. With the 8" drop and stuff in the bed the damn whole rear end gets close to the bed.

Also have an 8" notch headed this way, b/c the DJM notch blows for an 8" drop. Might as well notch it for bags so I wont have to later.
looks good
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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