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Grand Cherokee Diesel

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Jeep is introducting thier 3.0 Mercedes based Common Rail Diesel (CRD) into the WK. Plans of a Cummins 4.2 V6 and its sibling 5.6 V8 already meet the projected 2009 emissions requirements for all 50 states.


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if it meets emmisions in cali on a diesel it has 12 cats lol

but its nice to see diesels making there way here

I want to see a nice little crd in a wrangler
any estimated costs Donnie?
Base Msrp is 40,275.
Base Msrp is 40,275.
A little bit to much for me. I can find better ways to spend $40,000 even for something with a diesel.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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