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Green Escalade Handles

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A buddy of mine has a metallic green chevy, i think its an 01-02 and he is wanting some outside escalande handles, but i wasnt sure if they made an escalade in that color and if they do, anyone have part numbers?
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I don't think they make that color for the escalade, the best thing to do is just have them painted at an autobody shop
Yea I think he would have to get them custom painted, cause esky's didn't come in that color i dont think.
I would just get some painted it won't cost too much for that i'm sure.
well we found some painted the color he wants but they are asking $165 for them. So that is twice what i paid for mine, so I didnt know if GMPD would have a P/N for them or not.
I bought mine from for around $45 and got them painted for $40 dollars
Did you just get a flat black set or what. Or have a part number for them? Mine came painted black for $86 from GMPD.
I believe mine were black when I ordered them, it's been sp ;ong ago that I put them on I really don't remember, sorry
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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