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Hello All!

Ive been a full size GM owner since 1976... My El Camino Classic... Black with silver top half... been through lots of gm vehicles... 71 Monte Carlo... Even an Astro with a nice small block and a posi... I recently picked up a 1999 Suburban... Charcoal Grey with a silver lower stripe.. destroyed grey leather interior and repainted like 5 times... I love a challenge and it runs and drives better than the 4 other tahoes and 2 burbs I looked at. I LOVE THIS TRUCK.

So far its been all cleaning and removal of the leftover harnesses for the aftermarket alarm, remote start, and what seemed to be 2 different stereo setups. At least the old owner left some nice aftermarket speakers...

The clear coat was destroyed so I decided to do a custom two tone... silver with a black top half... ****you remember the movie used cars? The guy who wouldn't drive a RED car. Starting out all I asked when we were looking at used trucks was NO BLUE!!!

Well after about 3 hours of sanding... the damn truck was originally blue... UGH.

Look for pics tomorrow...
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