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grill removal

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I'm gettin set to install my billet grill this weekend. Is there any write up or tutorial on cutting out the old grill and installing the new one? I tried to search but couldnt come up with anything. The install is for NBS.
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to get the grill off a NBS you take teh complete grillshell off take off the radiator shroud cover all the pop through plastic things that hold that on ,then theres a 10 mm bolt straight in next the hood latch youll see it if you look straightat the truck, then theres four screws you turn about 1/2 way each there in each corner around the grill use a phillips to turn them. then you can just pull off the grillshell it has clips next to the headlamps but they pop out and in so you wont break it .as for taking out teh plastic grill and putting in the billet one i know the billet has to be riveted in but thats it sorry hope i helped you some
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