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Hey all,

I have a bunch of questions about the axles in my new 2500HD
So here goes:

1) What are the make/model of the axles - I believe they are:
Fr - AAM 925 Independent
RR - AAM 1050 in 6.0, AAM 1150 in D'max/8.1

2) Is the front axle disconnect Elec or vac disconnect?
3) I assume the front hubs are full-time unit-bearing units?

4) Who is the Gear manufacturer? AAM's website says "PowerDense gear sets" - are they a manufacturer?

5) It appears that the GM RPO code G80 can mean either
Differential, locking, heavy-duty, rear

depending on the year/make/model of vehicle/decode list. Is this right? Is there a definitive year when the split happens or does it depend? Eaton's website says:

"Mechanical Locking Differential
The Eaton mechanical locking differential was the first to be offered as an option to pickup drivers and today it is known around the world simply by the GM option code G80. This automatic unit, available as standard and optional equipment for rear drive and 4-wheel drive vehicles, makes traction problems a thing of the past. The Locker makes towing large boats and campers a breeze. Be sure to ask your dealer if your vehicle has an Eaton differential. "
6) How long have AAM made the 1050 14-bolt? I know it as the "Corporate 14-bolt". Who made it prior to AAM? Was it Eaton?

7) Does anyone know the definitive Meaning / History of the terms "Gov-Lok" and “Posi” - any references or links?

8) The AAM website states these axles have “Net-shaped” differential gears? What the heck does that mean?

9)Do AAM have manuals like Dana does?

Thanks for reading!



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#1 sounds right
#2 Elec disconnect
#3 yes
#4 can't help
#5 yes,g80 can be both
#6 early 70's
#7 govlok is the name,kinda like detroit locker,posi is a name for a lsd that chev used
pontiac used safe-t-track,ford or dodge used sure grip,they all mean lsd
#8 no clue
#9 don't see why they wouldn't

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Hey Jason,

Too many - projects - NEVER enough time!

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