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guys with 2/4 - help

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hey guys Ijust got my McGaughy's 2/4 drop and Doetsch Tech shocks - anything I should be aware of on the install other than the riveted hangers? carrier bearing needed with this drop or any input on how to adjust pinion if I have vibration - any advice welcome - thanks
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no carrier bearing spacer needed until you get the 6" rear drop :read: You shouldnt have any vibrations, but if you do, pinion shims will fix that. The hangers will be a fun install, so dont stress with them. It will be best to pull off your bed to access the hangers if you've got help.
Your truck should ride exactly like stock, but handle better due to the lower center of gravity. No notch is needed unless you haul stuff a lot.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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