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HAHA....funny thing happened today...

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'92 Chevy 1500, 7" CST sitting on 33x12.5R15 Nitto Terra Grapplers.

Well I was giving my lab partner, from school, a ride home today and he is I guess about 5'6" (I'm 6'4") well he had to jump up in order to make it into my truck. :rocking: :D I'm like I have no problem, haha. But here is the kicker, I arrive at were he wants to be dropped off, he goes to get out, and the dumbfu(K FALLS OUT! HAHAH, I couldn't stop laughing. :D He was all pissed because he mis-read the landing from the "height" and busted his ass. LOL
He got over it and had a laugh. :shake: Kinda had to be there, I guess.

It's nice riding high. :rocking: :bowtie:

Just thought I'd share.

Anyone else have any similar experiences???
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right after i got my lift and tires on, i went to hop into my truck and hit the side of my ass on the bottom of the door sill and ate shit in front of everyone at discount tire. that sucked
i did the same thing when my friend got his truck lifted (97 z71 6" pro comp on 35 bgt mts), i went to get out and just about twisted my ankle and busted ass on the landing... embarrassing and pretty funny at the same time.
It's nice being able to fall down into your seat :rocking:
when my truck was still on jack stands (probably at a 6" lift and 35" tires height) i hopped down and just about rolled my ankle, lol.
i've got a friend who is 5'1" and she has to be helped into my truck. but its not so bad, i get to push her in from behind. :D
i went to a meet in brea in front of a sonic burger and someone tripped while getting out of a bodydropped s10... what a dumbass...
I have to get a little foward motion while getting in mine and one after a movie I was really tired and i like half assed it. I got like sooo fuckin close to getting in and i just like fell down and busted my ass. After a laugh and a chuckle, we got er dun. BTW the nerb bars are gone now, makes it a bit tougher.
The first time my mom road in the truck she fell out. The funny part is that she realized it was higher than she though as she was getting out and ended up falling flat on her stomach. She got the wind knocked out of her and hasn't been in the truck since.
:rocking: Yea those extra couple inches can be rough if you are not use to it. I have had a few people kinda casually get out and the next thing you know they are chasing a fall because the didnt judge the step right

HAHA, good stories guys. :D :rocking: :bowtie:
Yeah like a week after i got my truck done i went to get out one night to get gas and thought i still had the nerf bars on and went to step on it and just fell straight out.
You should try getting into DE's truck, its a whole different world of seat-jumping.
The only thing I can say is that one time my woman was wearing some tight fitting pants, and when she tried to do a "girl jump" to get into my truck she ripped a hole right under one of her cheeks. :D :D
my girlfriend has gotten out of my truck and done a face plant a few times. seems to be worse when shes been drinkin:LOL: some of her friends have had similar experiences.
My g/f has busted her ass getting out of my truck a time or two. :anitoof: and :word: about when she's drinking.
i took my running boards off today (they started to touch the tires again now that the suspension is settling and i didn't want to trim them anymore) so maybe i need to go buy a step ladder for my passengers. or i could get jason to fab me up some n-fabs. hmmm... decisions...
let's not talk about getting into big trucks....

i'm 5'6 so i have to take a damn leap to get into my truck. For awhile i kept banging my knee into the door sill cuz i wasn't carefull. It didn't really hurt but i did it a few times a day. It finally caught up to me and it was hurting like a bitch so i was trying to be careful. One day i was in a hurry and just hopped up really quick and hit my knee, it hurt so bad i wanted to cry :bawl:

I hate it in pismo when i'm out in the dunes and i get out of my truck on ground that isn't level. So damn hard to get in. :nono:

Another time i was trying to get into the backseat of the dude with the twisted truck. I almost fell backwards out of the truck :pow:

When i first got my truck my friends would almost eat complete shit since they weren't really used to dude stumbled for a good 5-10 ft after he jumped out :D
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oh yah....i won't get into trying to get into my truck inebriated :crazy:
dude, one time my friend tried getting into my truck and he fell out... wait nm, my truck is stock :cry:
one time in my friends old 01 silvy with a 13 inch lift and 39's. And Some girl that was with us was getting out and she tripped right before she jumped out and was headed straight for the ground face first. But somehow i grabbed the back of her jeans and stop her from falling face first. She still kinda fell out but it would have been a lot worse if i hadn't of grabbed her jeans.
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