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Harmonic Balancer Bolt....right or left threaded??

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Hey guys, this may seem like I stupid question but this is my first time working on a GenIII motor. Are the threads for the balancer bolt left or right threaded?? I am assuming it is right threaded but I can't get the SOB to budge!! I have a breaker bar and a short length of pipe on it and can't it get to budge. Please give me some insight on this. Reply as soon as you can, I am doing this now. Thanks.
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I got it off......took a 12 breaker bar with the long handle from my floor jack to break it free. Now my puller isn't working wanting to stay on, the jaws keep slipping off.
yep, it can be a pain. Save the old bolt. You'll need it to reinstall the balancer. You have to put the balancer on, use the old bolt and crank that bitch to 250 ft. lbs., remove it and then install a new bolt, crank it to 34?ft. lbs and then so many degrees.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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