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I've read the forums and have noticed some of you have had problems with Autoloc products.

Well I am here to help ya out! If you have an Autoloc product that you think is not working correctly,your having problems installing,or just wanna give us suggestions; LET ME KNOW!

Some of the things I have noticed is that customer's buying online or at swap meets are NOT getting TRUE Autoloc products.

Whenever you purchase an Autoloc product it will come in Autoloc packaging. You might be getting an Autoloc Remote System but another brand solenoid.

All Autoloc products come with a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. So if you bought your Autoloc solenoid 5 years ago,it's still under warranty.

Autoloc cares about the products we manufacture and the customers that use em.

So if you have a problem,question or need help please contact me

[email protected]

AOL/AIM: KrisHoffmanGroup

503-693-6608 ext 7330​
1 - 4 of 4 Posts