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Having check engine light flash at me.

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Ok so this is the set up I have its a lq4 with 4l60e and right now it's running on the 5.3 tune. It started kinda missing one day after work then I put all my grounds back to factory spots and now I can't even really drive it. It falls on its face when driving and just dosent wanna move and the light flash at me. But I drove it yesterday when it was cold and it seem fine till she got warm then back to normal. Any thoughts? I've cleaned map. I have all 4 02s there but one is cut down stream driver. Someone said grounds but how many grounds dose the motor have I got 5 on it. Thanks
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Usually a flashing CEL means a misfire, check to see if there are any codes stored. That is going to be the best place to start before you just guess. Also check your plugs to make sure none of them are cracked or burned and check the wires for any burns or breaks.
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