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Having check engine light flash at me.

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Ok so this is the set up I have its a lq4 with 4l60e and right now it's running on the 5.3 tune. It started kinda missing one day after work then I put all my grounds back to factory spots and now I can't even really drive it. It falls on its face when driving and just dosent wanna move and the light flash at me. But I drove it yesterday when it was cold and it seem fine till she got warm then back to normal. Any thoughts? I've cleaned map. I have all 4 02s there but one is cut down stream driver. Someone said grounds but how many grounds dose the motor have I got 5 on it. Thanks
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Is it gonna be throwing so weird codes since its on a 5.3 tune?
It's only been like 3 days and I don't live more than a red light away so that's why I drove it to see how she dose
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