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HD 6.0/4l80e in TX

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i was down at the shop this weekend, and came across a 6.0 with a 4l80e tranny. its either from a 2001 or 2002 HD. the truck was stolen, and my bodyman bought it for parts. $1750 PM me for the phone #

here are some pictures.
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how much for just the tranny?
Does he have a hd hood we wants to sell heheheh
Blue02 said:
Does he have a hd hood we wants to sell heheheh
LOL, i just sold him the one i had :LOL: hed prolly sell it.

the pictures should work now.
what color is it and how much did you sell it for
If you decide to seperate I would be intrested in the engine, accessories, fuel injection, wiring, and pooter.
can you hook that thinig up with a stick josh?
i will give the phone # to you if you want to ask if he will seperate it. i dont know if he has the PCM, i didnt see it, but he might have put it in the office. i do know some of the harness has been cut, and i personally wouldnt use it.
DemoN said:
if you're changing from a 4.8/5.3 to a 6.0, your stock harness will work.
very true, so will your PCM. if i remember right, ive heard that almost everything will work with the exception of a bracket or 2
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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