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HD pics....

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Cleaned the HD up this past weekend. Decided to get started on some of my new projects for it, so pulling off the toolbox and bedrails were in order.

I'm going to add black N-fabs and tow mirrors here soon, and the finish on the toolbox/bedrails is shot anyway, so I'm going black with them as well.

Got the bedrails painted and back on so far. I kinda like it without the toolbox right now, but I need it for tools/work/etc. so eventually it'll go back on once painted.

Heres some quick shots I snapped today:
(what a pic whore :crazy:)

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Thanks guys!
I think if you took the molding off it would look really good too. Its a great looking truck:thumbsup:
Looks good. I can't wait to see it with the mirrors and n-fabs on.
Damn, I love your truck!!! Looks great man!
Truck looks good I really want a lifted truck somedays.
mmmmm looks good, i love that year HD lifted. clean truck
Thats the huge bitch! Nice shots, bro.
It looks so good without the tool box it sucks you have to put it back on. Have you considered a chest style one or do you need to bigger one?
Truck looks good I really want a lifted truck somedays.
they're over rated :crazy:
Dude I love your truck. Are you set at 8 inchs??
Looks good John!
That things a HOSS
Thanks for the compliments everyone!!!

I have considered the chest style boxes, but I need all 8' of bed for hauling materials for work. Its just easier. And, I already have the other box anyway, so I figured painted black it would look decent and wouldn't stand out as much.

Cognito is set at 7", but with the 3" BL I'm sitting at 10" over stock.

I liked the "hole" style wheels too, hell I've had 4 sets of them on this truck before. But, I just got tired of polishing them all the time.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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