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header suggestions please

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i bought a set of bassani midlengths for my truck and when i got them i noticed the cats on 06's were moved further up in the y pipe, they are about 4 inches from the manifold flanges, they arent parallel with the ground like the older y pipes, so they wouldn't work, but i found a friend with an 05 y with the cats mounted down lower, horizontally, so i traded him. so i called bassani and they said that they have never seen this problem with the cats being mounted higher in the y pipe and that they are sure that their headers are smog legal on 06 models, and if i used the 05 y pipe it would be fine, so i took that and went on with the install. well 3 weeks ago i tore into the truck and found another problem. the passenger side header would not fit, the header flange wasn't even flat on the head and the #6 primary tube was on the frame, i had to push it down just to get the bolt holes to line up, but of course we didn't find this out till we had the drivers side header torqued down...anyway after going round and round with them about why it wont fit, and sending them numerous pictures, they said send them back for a full refund, i finally got the ups info from them Thursday and had them sent off. i would have had my money back already but bassani is closed on fridays for some damned reason. i've left the truck down because i was wanting to put headers on it and i was looking into getting a set of thorleys tri y's (the 310y's) but even though they have a carb number stamped on them and they reuse the stock (05 and older) y with cats and all they technically aren't smog legal for my truck (i called and asked thorley directly). i thought about getting them and doing it anyway and trying to sneak it through and see if they will pass it but when i go to smog it, if it doesn't pass the stock stuff will be hacked up to fit the thorleys and it will cost a ton of money to get it put back to stock for smog. so i was thinking about getting a set of pacesetters and their ory but having a set of cats installed in it so i can keep the stock stuff for smog time all together in one piece, but basically the only thing smog legal i have to work with at this point is shorty's so i would just rather put the manifolds back on and spend the money elsewhere.
sorry for the essay it has been a disgust filled couple of weeks... anyway if anyone has any suggestions...
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