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Header thoughts? exhuast setup ideas...?

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Yeah i know im beating a dead horse here but ive never messed with headers before and wondered what someone with some experience would recommend.

There for my 6.0 SAS'd 2500hd. Since i did the solid axle swap i should be able to do full out long tubes huh?

I dont wanna drop 700 bucks for some damn headers but wouldnt mind having a good low priced decent set put on so i can finish my exhaust before the san antonio blackbear tune meet. I go on the 20th.

Also, the cats got in the way of the hangers during the swap so for now they are cut out and i have some flex pipe filling in for em, I need to get this thing inspected though.....would anyone reccomend actually gutting the cats or should i just get them re-located since im having the 02 delete done?
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i don't think you'd pass a sniffer, or visual test without cats,
i have heard the pacesetters only fit 2wd nnbs trucks, i think ARH makes a header for nnbs 4x4's , but i think those are over a grand anyway, but they might not even fit right with the sas.
pacesetters or LPP should fit since your SAS'd...and run Magnaflow spun cats
i would just put an ory pipe on. you won't pass a visual inspection, but that isn't a problem at alot of places, lol. have him turn off the rear o2's when he tunes it and you'll be good to go. we don't have a sniffer test, just a computer scan for 96 and up
its a 2500 with the 6.0, it came with duals back to the muffler factory, screw the y pipe.
naw it has a factor collector before the muffler.

I have a single in dual out flowmaster series 40 on it now.
When looking at headers is there any certain specs i should keep in mind?
wow they must have changed that on the nnbs's because all the nbs's trucks with the 6.0 or 8.1 came with duals to the muffler.

stainless is great coated is good raw or painted sucks, depending on if you have plans to make some serious hp 1 3/4 primarys are plenty big enough, although im sure some people will say 1 5/8 will make more torque down low, usually that's true. look for 3/8"flanges and 16 gauge or thicker tubing.
Well the guy i was talking to at the muffler shop was basically an ass and got me pissed off. anyhow....I NEED thinkin which pacesetters LT fit my 6.0?

Im just gonna get the LT's and a OR Y pipe and make this shit work myself.

Thoughts....the factory Y would have cleared the hangers no problems, the cats are what got in the way. So does the pacsetter Y fit pretty close to factory?
nevermind fellas, i answered my onw question last night looking under my truck, until i get my front D-shaft i aint gonne be doing any exhuast.
thanks anyways
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