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Headlight Flashers?

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Well i will be concluding classes within the next few months and will be becoming a vol. fireman. A few guys on the local squad have headlight flashers, others have the Talon dashlights, others have both.

I was looking into headlight flashers, but am unsure on what i will need, any help or input would be appriciated. Pics of your setups would be great too.

Heres the products ive been looking at:
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i have nova strobes in my truck 500$ for a 4head system best way to go i believe the emergency vechiles run a 40watt i got 60's its bright as
Galls is way overpriced. Try they are very reasonably priced.
thanks high i forgot that one you are 110% right on that
My buddy is sellin his equipment...

Whelen 6 outlet 90 watt strobe power supply(9 pattern supply i believe it is)
6 strobe bulbs(4 grommet and 2 screw ins) with wiring
Whelen Airhorn(no siren or PA unfortunately)
CPI 100 watt Siren Speaker(with Caprice Classic stamped on the mounting bracket)
Whelen 2150A Headlight Flasher

Hes asking $350 for the whole package.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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