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My old set of headlights were on the shelf sitting next to a can of brake cleaner, and apparently that can leaked brake cleaner all over them.
Now there is a nice white milky looking tint to them.
Any cleaner I use will clean that white tint off for about 1 minute. After it dries back to the white shit!

White shit all over them:

Perfectly clean:

Few minutes later:

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Agreed on the polishing tips above. I did it on my DD, and it made a 100% improvement. There were still some deep chips that didn't come out, but the fog/haze was gone.

Just a note...these polycarbonate lenses have a UV protective coating sprayed on them from the factory. This is generally what fades over time. When you polish, it's very easy to end up with clear & shiney, but UNPROTECTED lenses.

What does this mean. Well, most likely, the fog/haze will return, and this time it will be much quicker. So most likely, you'll need to polish them again, in fewer miles than the 1st time.

For this reason, some folks choose to spray clear gloss on the lenses after polishing to help protect them.
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