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Headlight Switch

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on my 2001 Chevy 2500HD it has the headlight switch that has the dome override button and the interior light dimmer on it. The headlight switch only has "OFF" "Parking lights on" and "Headlights on" I noticed in my denali (which is an 05', that it has an "Auto" position added so that you can quickly turn off the DRL during day driving by going to the off position, or the headlights during night driving.

My question is, can i swap a headlight switch with the "Auto" position into my truck and have it work the way my 05' works?


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I'm pretty sure that my truck has a light sensor for the headlights and it a differant sensor? My lights come on automatically just doesn't have the auto position that allows you to switch from "Auto" to "Manual" And how hard would it be to reprogram the BCM?
I would like to have the option instead of hitting the damn dome override 4 times to dim my lights. When i go through the security checkpoint in my truck, i have to dim my headlights durnig the hours of darkness. So it's nicer to have the manual option that's added to the newer style headlight switches.

I'm trying to avoid burning the switch up because in my old 01' sierra i burnt the swtich up hitting the dome override all the time.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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