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headlights and corners

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welp, my new headlights and corners came in tonight. hopefully it stops raining sometime this week so i can install them. old ones are cleared, i just didnt like the look of they're up forsale. not sure what to ask for them. i was thinking your stock set + $100? not really sure what to ask for them. on ebay they go for about $50 per stock headlight. so i figure all 4 of them for $100 already cleared is a deal. and i'll take ur old ones just incase anything happens to the ones i got.

u local kids would be best...but i can ship if u want.
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like those what make are they and how much do they run
they are made by revotech and they cost me $215 shipped.
i really like my stockers cleared but those look pretty sick for aftermarket lights, especially since most of the lowers ive seen have gay little leds in them
yeah i didnt like the LED's on them, or the halo angel eyes, or the projectors. for some reason i think the projectors looks like ur truck has tits with the buldges in the lenses. i didnt like mine cleared, i just thought the open area where the amber lense use to cover up looks odd. i was thinkin about painting the amber silver, and putting them back in, but its up to the buyer, they can have them without any amber or with amber lenses painted.
got some updated pix of the headlights and corners installed. also took some other random shots.

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very nice. although the color of your truck is :supergay:

can't wait to see it sunday at the show.
color match that bowtie and the front bumper plastic stuff
color match that bowtie and the front bumper plastic stuff

ss bumper :imo
im going with the colormatched SS grille shell, billet bowtie, and street scene gen II bumper cover
I was thinkin about those lights myself!! Any nite pics???
What website did you order them from?
ill have to take some night pix tonight after work if i remember to!

i got them off of ebay
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