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heavy detail, need some suggestions for some problems...

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Alright guys, the day has finally come (32 years after it was bought) our 1975 John Deere 4430 is getting its first detail, lol.

My dad has never been much on waxing things until shit got really expensive, so we're doing a mini-resto to the tractor he purchased brand new in 1975 when he took over the farm as a symbolic value kind of thing.

I started on it today, and here's the problems im running into...

Tar wont come off: im not talking tar from within the year, this tar is a good 5-10years old and Stoners Tarminator wont take it there a stronger solution i could use to get it off, or sometin? I tried a screwdriver and hammer and it wont even chip off, lol.

Paint itself...for never being waxed its in decent shape really, faded as hell hell, but the three panels i worked on today started getting a decent reflection after a good coat of a product similar to SSR 2.5 buffed in. I plan on going over it atleast 3-4 more times to bring more color back.

my problem is the hood since its been in direct sunlight most of its life...its extremely faded, and i tried a small sample spot with a medium compound and worked it in really good, but it doesn't seem to be doing much. If i had the funds, i would've just pulled the panels off, sand blasted them and repainted them in our "repair" bay in the other shed, but he doesn't wanna invest that much into it just yet.

Any suggestions?
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