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Height Comparison...

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Sometimes I think my truck looks almost factory... then I look at this picture. To the left is my buddys 2000 Z71 on 285's.

Pic (Copy and Paste)
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damn man, how can you think that your truck looks factory, lol. i guess you get used to the suspension mods after a while. that's how it is with my truck. when i first got 'bagged i'd ride kinda high and felt like i was gonna scrape everything. now that I do scrape everything, i still feel like im stock height.

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Y2KSierra said:
your truck looks really tall in that pic. and a z71 on 285's isn't exactly a low truck. Come to the arkansas meet and get some pics of your truck next to mine :anitoof:
Man I'd like to, but unless it gets scheduled in Jonesboro or somewhere close like that, I doubt I can make it for a few years. My parents don't trust me in Little Rock, hell I don't even trust myself down there. :LOL: :anitoof:
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