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I have a set of barely used Hella 500 driving lights. I had them on my brushguard for a month or two before I got rid of it. These are REALLY BRIGHT! I had them wired per Hella's instructions to come on with my brights and they lit up the road like daylight!

Included is the lights with bulbs, mounting brackets, and covers.

To run these you should just need a relay, wiring, and a switch. You can find wiring guides on Hella's website.

Im seeing kits going for $70-90 and a relay, switch, etc shouldnt cost more than $10 max so im gonna ask $50 OBO plus shipping for these. If there is any interest, ill snap pictures for you.

If you are interested, PM me along with replying to this thread for fastest response.

Thanks for looking.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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