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Hello Guys,

Just introducing myself..out of Dubai, UAE...just picked up a 2011 Chevy RCSB 4x4 5.3L...getting ready to start modding right away...the car only has 50 miles as of today. some of the parts that i will be ordering very soon (just looking for a shop that carries all or most of the, as i dont want to deal with shipping in from different places) are but not limited to:

-BMS or Total chaos upper arms
-BMS steering links
-King front coilovers
-King rear shocks
-Fiberwerx front and rear fenders
-KC Enduro beadlocks 17x9
-General muds 33x12.5
-BMS front and rear bumpers
-Kooks headers
-K&N air intake kit
-HPTuners custom tune (by me)

I think thats about it for now :)

Thanks for looking
Moose is a pic of the truck when i brought her home tonight!

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