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Hello. Nice to meet you all.

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Just joined. I hqve a 1986 Sierra 2 wheel drive and a 1985 Chevrolet K10. I live at the center of the great lakes on the Canadian side of the border.

Both trucks were bought at bargain prices.

I'm currently driving the '86. I paid $700 for it and it needed minimal work to get it on the road in February 2012. It has a 305 4bbl, auto. Exhaust system is y-pipe to cat to tailpipe. No muffler. Yeah, it's loud. Only real issue with the truck itself, is the previous owner had run the rear end dry and now it screams at you when driving down the road from the excessive gear lash. And it suffers from sloppy shifter linkage syndrome. It has under 200 000km on the odometer. It's going to need valve seals soon if I keep it on the road.

I purchased the K10 last October. The body on it is in better shape than the one I'm driving now, but painted (bombed?) flat black. It has a 350 4bbl auto under the hood. It also has around 200 000km on it. I was actually looking for a square body 4x4 when I bought the Sierra, but wasn't going to turn the Sierra down for the price. The K10 has been parked all winter and I need to get it home and start seeing what all I'll have to do to put it on the road.

Only one will be on the road once all is done. Which one, will depend on which one needs the least work. The other will be a parts truck. I also have a line on an 81 Chevy shortbox 2 wheel drive. The ad makes it sound like it's a bit rough and it stqtes it isn't running. I still have to go look at it. If there's sufficient parts, I may just pick it up mainly for the 12 bolt rear end in it that the ad says it has. this will be one of my online resources once I get into these.

85 K10:


86 Sierra:

I also do a bit of riding.

1981 Honda CB900C (this is the one with ten gears!)

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