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Help!!!! Asap!!!!

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Alright, I'm in deep shit. So I'm taking off my fabtech lift and putting on a Dick Cepek. Little did I know that the fabtech kit that 4wp put on required cutting off the mounts on the front differential. Now I'm stuck because I need that mount to install the DC.
So what are my options now? I think I pretty much have to get a used stock front 8.25" differential. The thing is, I have 3.42 gears in front (comes with the Yukon GT model). Since I plan on regearing anyways, I figure if I get a used front differential, I'll try and get one with 4.56 gears. Anyone selling one or know of a good place to get one. Anyone installing a fabtech or rcd kit that might want to trade front differentials with me. [email protected]!!!!! I'm tired of driving the Nissan Maxima. I need my truck back!!!!! Any help would be appreciated and as always, thanks ahead of time.
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I wouldnt count on finding one with 4.56 gears but its possible. Go to your local wrecker or insurance salvage yard. The rear end just went out on my 96 sierra and instead of regearing I just bought an entire 10 bolt with everything and swapped everything out for 110$cdn. I was working on it today.. it sucks.
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