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So I just did a leveling kit about a month ago and put some 32" MTS on. Now I had the transmission loose 2,3,4 two weeks ago on my way to work but took it for a drive while at work and all was fine so I changed fluid filter and still good. But now when put in reverse with a decent amount of gas given to it the truck has a real bad clunk in the drive line. Its not just a small clunk either it feels like the transfer case is getting riped out. The fist time was backing up my drive way slowly on a hill the it slammed bad so I pulled back down and got a run at it a little gas at a time and it was fine but it has done it two more times when you hit the gas good. Its a 07 nnbs 4wd crew cab with 134k if that helps. I'm lost here any help would be greatfull.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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