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Help me out with a brake rotor question

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Alright guys, here's the deal. This is my DD. I drive it a lot... 20k miles a year at least.

This weekend I decided that it was time to replace the front rotors, they were causing some pretty serious vibrations when I braked aggressively or descended a mountain grade(Cuesta grade for those who know what it is...). So I replaced them this morning, only took about 25 minutes, it was quick and easy.

Took it for a short drive, they felt good. However, I just went back outside and noticed that the wear "pattern" on the new driver's side pad was not very uniform. I took some pictures and inspected the old rotor more closely, because I had noticed this issue before I replaced them but never thought much of it.

The rotors I took off were not very old, but they were cheap ones so I just figured what the hell. For $100 I will replace them when need be, like I did today.

All that to say, is this uneven wear the possible source of my problem in the first place? Causing my rotor to warp slightly? The old one felt like it wore fairly consistently, but like I said upon heavy braking it had some nasty vibration.

I took some pictures for you, but they are just from my cell phone. I can't find my digital camera for some reason, so hopefully these will do.

Any input is welcome, thanks in advance!

Old rotor:

New rotor after a 5 minute drive:

New rotor on the passenger side after the same drive(for comparison):

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If you are going to replace the rotors, why not the pads also?
Thats odd...does it feel uneven? I've never seen that before. Maybe it's just the way it's marking at first and will go away :shrug:. I'm not sure.
go ahead and get you a decent set of pads while you are tossing on new rotors.
you could deglaze/lightly sand the pad to a evenish surface.
Yep. I'm betting a few miles and the pads will mate better with the new flat rotors.

Never seen that before, but I'd not stress too much about it.
Thanks for the help guys.

I was going to get some pads but the ones on there have more life left than I thought they did, I was surprised. It was really easy to replace the rotors because I just took off the entire caliper and didn't have to mess with the pads or compressing the piston or anything of that nature.

I haven't driven it for a few days because I am actually at my "home" home for the weekend, but hopefully it will be fine as I put a few more miles on it.

If not, I will look into some new pads.
specs on car? Those look like g35 wheels..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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