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I know I'm stuck with the gay little 245's for, BUT not for much longer if I can help it....

I have the tire selection @ 285's or 305's 16 or 17" BFG M/T

As for wheels I'm not too sure.

So far:

8 lug--

H2 chrome wheels 17x8
American Eagle 145 16x8
American Racing Sliders 16x8

What's your thoughts on the wheels and backspacing?


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Mr2500HD said:
H2 WHEELS are sweet though...but they look too much like the stock ones that I have now..?
Personally...I like how they look kind of stockish. Makes it look like they belong there. Plus, you can always find them cheaper when some dealer sells them as take offs. Thats how I got my Denali rims. Different the right price.

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i would go with the 145's, they are clean as hell
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