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Help please!! Snapping hubs!!

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Hey guys I have a 2wd 2010 chevy Silverado crew cab. It has a 7.5inch rcx lift, I also have fuel maverick wheels with negative 24 offset and 35inch nitto terra grapplers. I do zero off-roading it's just for looks. Anyways my problem is that I keep breaking hub assemblies I broke the 3rd one about a week ago, the first two were used oem hub assemblies from an auto salvage yard (had to get new suspension components because truck was lowered before) and those lasted about 6 months, then within a month both of those broke (luckily I was only going about 40 each time) I replaced them both with brand new Hub assemblies from autozone and I guess I made a mistake in buying the dura last brand and sure enough a week after installing the newest one it snapped again. I have called rcx, I have called chevy dealerships, I've called 4wheel parts and no one seems to have an answer for why it's happening or how to stop it. One guy told me to try out timken brand hubs because they are stronger and more durable. I know the negative offset adds added stress but there's tons of guys running the same setup with no problem and driving the trucks like crazy and I'm not. And advice or input would be greatly appreciated as I have my first baby due this month and would like to resolve this before she is here so I can keep her safe thanks guys!
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Well, I'm about to lift my 2wd on 35's and I was on the fence wether to do the 4wd hub mod or not. Now I'm definitely going to do it now.
The salvage yards near me have near new pricing for used parts.
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