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Help Support a worthy Cause!!

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I know a lot of you are not in San Diego but this is a simple thing you can do to support the future of offroading.

The San Diego Off Road Coalition is a non-profit group that raises money to fight for our rights as off-road land users. More and more off-road areas are being closed and what we have left available to us is a constant battle to keep open. So here’s something really easy you can do to help raise money to support the SDORC.

GoodSearch is a search engine powered by Yahoo that donates money to non-profits. SDORC is now set up with them, so every time someone uses GoodSearch and designates SDORC, a penny is donated. I know a penny doesn’t seem like much, but think about how often you use Yahoo & Google. The more people know about this, the more we can help and raise money.

The website is then enter SDORC as the organization. For anyone wanting more info on what SDORC does or to verify this info, their website is

Thanks and please pass this info along
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