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HELP!! What is my truck doing!! (Video)

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This has started happening more frequently. Not sure if it has any correlation to it getting warmer (mid 50s) here. I can tell when I am going to have the problem because when I click the unlock button on my FOB none of the lights go on to let me know it unlocked (it hasn't unlocked either). If I click it a couple of times it will then click on.

Then, when I get in to start it, this is what happens (video)? It will start up a couple of times, but die right away. Even if I feather the gas it will die once I stop giving it gas. After it starts up and dies for about the third time(give or take), when I start it up it, it runs like there was never a problem?

Seems too fast to be the starter, but I have no clue. I decided to take the video to show the dealer because I have had it in twice now to try and fix it but they couldn't replicate it.

Here's the video, you might want to right click and save as, it's 9M (only 55 sec).

Truck Video

Thanks guys, sorry for the book.

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Wow thats interesting. How are your battery cables and the terminals on your battery?
Hmm...I had a similar problem with my key FOB a while ago...only mine would never open the door...I had to use the key before it would work again...they tried replacing the FOBs and that didn't help. Finally ended up recplacing the receiver in the truck itself, and it's worked perfect ever since. Don't know about the engine problem though :think:

The problems could be might want to check the batteries in your key fob as well...that might solve one problem...
:wtf: :think: .... that's really weird, I would definately take that video into the dealer and make them fix it quickly! Good luck and keep us posted.

Btw, welcome to the site! :cheers:
is it a factory alarm or is an aftermarket? better yet, do you have remote start? my truck does the same thing but it wont start at all. I can use the remote start to start it and then it works fine. its weird, but i cant find whats wrong with it.
i cant get the video to work, but it sounds like you are having an ignition problem. the spark is getting interupted somewhere.
Yeah, this is pretty much all stock. I have gotten suggestions to check battery post corrosion. That will be the project for tonight/this weekend. thank guys, I'll keep you updated.

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