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help! will this setup work?

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will this setup work? i found good deals on all the items. i'm goint to do a 2/4 djm drop on american racing 22x9.5 rims. they have 5.5" backspacing, and a 25mm offset. i also saw another member found some tires for a good price that were 275/45/22. will this setup work and look good? i am an idiot with backspacing and stuff. i just want it to look clean and ride very well. thanks.
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I don't own a lowrider
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It would work on stock heigth, but not with a drop. The 265/40/22 would be a good choice as mentioned above.

True, it will cost a little more, but do you really want to pay that much for the 275/45 just to have them cut up by your fenderlips?
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