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Hey All,

I have a 2003 6litre 2500HD Silverado and I live in Australia. This may not be the best area to post my question as its not lowered or with air ride suspension but it is only used on the street :)

As far as Im aware my truck is pretty stock except for a new set of Bilstein 5100 (silver shocks) and I have put new front lower control arm bump stops in.

The issue I have is that when I go over a put hole or over a speed bump the front end seems to really bang down pretty hard and is not a comfortable ride at all. Now yes I know its a truck and doesnt ride like a Cadillac, but I dont know how a caddy rides...

It almost feels like there is no suspension at all.... I currently have the torsion bars set so the LCA is just resting on the bump stop which I am told is how they come from factory. I have also tried cranking the bars up and it makes little difference.

I have BF goodrich all terrains on the front and tried changing the PSI from 35-50 with very little difference.

I have visually checked the torsion bar mount bushings and they seem to have some cracks in them but seem like they would still work and there doesnt seem to be any play in them

I was thinking possibly the torsion bars themselves but not sure how to check this?

I have asked a few suspension places here but nobody seems to know anything about Silverados :(

I was thinking I will disconnect the front sway bar on the weekend just to check if that makes any difference...

I am hoping that you guys might know of something else since there would be lots of suspension swaps going on here..

Thanks a lot

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Cranking the Torsion Bars up will cause a horrible ride in some bases. Wish I could be more helpful but I am not too familiar with the 2500 HD's
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