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putting a body lift on my truck with the FT kit as well. using a PA 3" body lift.

here's the problem.

my Fullthrottle steering extension slips into the hollow stock steering shaft. the body lift steering extension is made to slide over the stocker and then the other end is just as big as the stocker, except it is solid, not hollow like the stocker therefore it doesnt allow the FT extension to slip thru as if it would without the body lift on. I'm stuck i dont know what to do from here, i've got the front done except for the steering, and i still need to do the back. i could bore out the billet body lift extension but then im afraid it may not be strong enough to drive with? any of you guys with FT kits and body lfts...did yall have this prob? im in a jam and FT doesnt open until another 2 hrs or so!!!
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no it would work fine if i wasnt using the fullthrottle suspension steering extension as well. if i were just putting this body lift extension on with stock suspension or even like any 6" suspension lift, it would work perfect, but since im using it with my 15" FT kit, its causing a prob bc of the way the FT extension is made. im still trying to get a hold of fullthrottle but the guy who i need to speak with is unavailable. beings i need my truck this afternoon to goto work, at 9:45 i removed the entire body lift off the front(all the work i had got done this morning) and put it back how it was. as soon as i find a solution to this, i will re-install the body lift.
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