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If you guys want to attend a real show in a town that rivals Greenville, MS then come to Whitesburg, KY

My best friend puts on this show which is about 25 mins from where I live, and it's the best show in the world.

Greenville has nothing on whitesburg, the cops lead the cruising, they encourage dragging, and the sheriff picks the most illegal award at the show.

There will be a drag contest the night before where the longest, and brightest sprarks take the big trophy..

I'm talking 6 foot trophies. Theres nothing like it in the world

This show is in a town that really needs and appreciates the business.

Whitesburg saw a 30K dollar jump is money taken in last year during the show weeking, and the show had almost 300 entrants, which is amazing for a one day show in the mountains.

There wasn't just your average bolt on ballers making up those 300, we had former cover trucksm from the ones laying on the ground, to one of my club members Hurricane's lifted Toyota p'up.

I promise this show will blow your mind.
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